Ending Stress. Simplified.

"Stress has been something else and predominant this year. Especially with the pandemic and a lot of us being home, Politics. This book is an essential guide to help you deal with that and live a calmer life."

Beck Williams ~ Daily Mail


"...This book is relatable, with the author speaking TO the reader instead of rattling off lots of technical mumbo jumbo that can't be applied. There are helpful quotes and affirmations, as well as some printables, that many readers will find useful."

Leslie McKee ~ Publishers Weekly


Great book. This book gave wonderful insights and tips on freeing yourself from stress. Would recommend for a quick read."

Brandon Tran~ Goodreads


Hi, I'm Cherie, the nerd

Ya know if someone would have told me, 20 years ago, I'd be writing a book on How To Break The Stress Habit, I'd of said they have the wrong girl. But, as life would have it, mine gave me plenty of practice to perfect the craft of eliminating stress.

It didn't come easy.

And like most of us, it took a soul-wrenching event, while living a life-in-shambles, to throw me into the arms of transformation.

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